You are peace

Do you want to know your true peaceful essence – your nature? You are already whole, and you do not need to seek for the peace, love, truth, happiness, and freedom you long for. It is right here and now in you as you. It is so simple and natural – it is your very own being – naturally open and all embracing. Knowing your nature, you can live in peace with joy and freedom.

I know this to be true when I had an accident and lost all I thought was me and mine and yet I was whole and perfectly in peace and unconditional love. There was no separate I, but just awareness (of nothing) – yet being just awareness was complete and peaceful and I was home. Just being the being without thoughts, feelings and senses was so simple and natural and it was formless like black space. When being aware of my body-mind and world again I know all of life to be a manifestation of that appearing as many in a seeming everchanging happening. Life and awareness (being, God, source, emptiness, supreme) are the same. Everyone is awareness – a knowing of all that arises in our lives including body-mind, experiences, relationships, houses, nature – everything. That is, it – one is the knowing of life as it arises and disappears momentarily. That is peace and freedom and who you really are in eternity.

Although we are appearing as body-mind individuals in a world, we are one with source (awareness) and life happening. Believing we are persons in a world is a mistaken perception. Everything from sensations, emotions, thoughts, forms, sounds, colors to time and space are apparent reflections of source – all energies – but no persons as such. As human beings we create and make up stories out of what appears to happen, and we live as duality experiencing a subject – object world. Reality is the knowing of what’s happening moment by moment and no other than that. The past, future, imaginations, memories and all interpretations of life and the world are just storytelling that the human mind seems to persist in identifying with. We are none of that abstraction, but life in its innocence – a miracle and we can experience it in peace and openness when we know our true nature as awareness of everything and nothing. When we know ourselves as that – and it is realized that the person never existed in the first place – we are whole and free. Now impersonal love can fully be expressed – the open heart of a human being who with its creative mind can effortlessly live as love in action.

Many religious scriptures, mystics and sages point to the pure awareness we all are and share. It is called God, spirit, buddha nature, the absolute, emptiness, consciousness, source, the heart etc. Some pointers are more direct than others and one can easily get lost in pointers rather than just realize one’s being as it is already in eternity. It cannot be found anywhere – what you are looking for is already looking. There is no path to walk and no practice to do. I offer to point you to know your true nature in a simple and direct way.

realize peace

                   your whole (non)self – peace, freedom and happiness.

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