Naturally peace

WOW Peace is a website that points to one’s true self which is no-self but awareness – knowing appearing as many. Peace is what we are in our true essence. The reason why people and the world are not in peace is that we live in a state of resistance most of the time, and we overlook the peace we are. If one can rest in who one is and not seek for peace and happiness outside oneself, a fundamental peace, joy, and freedom will be revealed within. Nothing needs to be done to know that peace, which always has been and will be what we are. Just be here and now – like nature that is always being with what is as life happens. Living as that openness to life is reality and source and life is as one – non-dual and unconditional love.

Human beings are part of nature and we are unique in that we are self-aware and can feel, think, perceive, create and have empathy for others. We appear to be separate individuals in a world, although we are just one life happening. We are not the body and mind only, but all of life – we are the open space where life happens. When we live as our natural openness, we are in peace. We do not get lost in life’s seeming challenges, and the subtle resistance and dissatisfaction most of us feel will dissipate. We can know ourselves as the peaceful, joyful and free being we naturally are.

Susan Hill

Founder of WOW Peace

MS in Physical Sciences, MA in Human Rights and Democratization, and MA in International Politics. I worked for the EU, Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Denmark, and the UN in third world countries. For the past 15 years I have been settled in Seattle with family and the last decade as a single mother. I am an entrepreneur, and a student at Quantum University studying a Ph.D. in Integrative Medicine. I like exploring the world/life and knowing truth.


The mission of WOW Peace is to inspire people to realize their nature which is peace. By pointing to the heart – the open awareness we are – one is guided to know the true nature here and now for oneself.



WOW Peace has a vision of a peaceful world. Knowing peace for oneself will influence people and the world. More peaceful people will make a more peaceful world. Everything is interconnected in this apparent life – world.