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A human being is One being (awareness) apparently manifested as a human. We are all aware of our humanness, including life – world, but we overlook our being. Our being is what we are, and knowing that is peace and freedom. This can be spoken or written about, and it can be meditated upon, but those are only pointers to the being you are already. I offer a service for you where I point to your being in a simple direct way to open your mind and heart. My mission is to assist you in realizing who you really are so you can know your peaceful nature for yourself.  For this no knowledge is required. Realizing our being – awareness – is beyond any kind of manifestation, including knowledge. This is for everyone who is alive.


I offer life coaching based on our true nature. Many of our human problems and sufferings are created by our storytelling mind. We cannot see our blind spots and I can support you in shining the light on them. All life is precious, and your human needs are part of life. Together we will pay attention to your needs, dreams and goals and pursue them from a place of wholeness and love rather than from a place of lack and fear. I will coach you from a wholesome approach where you get to explore your apparent uniqueness as part and one with the whole.  


Everything from subtle energies to multiple universes are made of awareness – source, which is formless. Out of that energies and information vibrate and the appearance of the elements in nature and human beings arise. There is a constant interaction between the elements which moves in and out of balance as life happens. Some energies are subtle, and we cannot perceive them. Energy healing is about working with these energies to restore balance in the energetic bodies including the perceivable physical body. I offer energy healing sessions such as Reiki and Reconnective healing – both in person and long distance.

I also offer guided hikes in nature in the northwest of US. Spending time in the natural environment is healing for the body-mind. 


General information

All sessions are affordable with a sliding scale from $25-$75 for 30 minutes to 1 hour. s

Yes, awakening or enlightenment is knowing one’s true nature – awareness/source/God. One awakes from the dream of an illusionary separate existence.

Awareness is who you are – also called knowing, source, God, consciousness, Brahman, absolute, spirit or emptiness. You are the awareness of all manifest in the world and your life including your body.

WOW Peace is not any path or religion – it is all about pointing to the awareness we are which is our eternal true nature. There is no path or practice – you are already awareness so there is nothing to be done. 

Yes, it will change how you respond and experience life. It is a paradigm shift where you know yourself to be awareness of everything rather than a person being a separate individual in the world.